Hey, it’s been awhile.

How are you all guys doing so far?

It’s 19th of November(time flies), and before I knock myself to bed, I want to leave something here.

Mind your body.

I’m not getting younger anymore but “puberty stage” hits me (char)

Eto serious na.

Never ignore your body, love your health!!!

It’s my second day of taking anti-androgen pills(Althea) ~ got a lot of mood swings besh nakakasabaw but I want to stay positive that this will gonna work for me for six months.

How’s real life with PCOS?

Did it pushed you more to be more active and sporty? Or it’s the opposite?

I can’t help not to worry about my health status because I look healthy except for my face #pimplesnation, but I am slowly cutting sugary contents in my daily life….even if… #adultingtitanatalaga

Whatever your health issues right now, deal with it now.