1007 ❄

Lost track with BTS schedule that I didn’t know that today was their LYtour concert in Osaka ~ so glad that they made ARMYs day brighter and lighter with their music, amazing performances and so so so great osaka-dialect speaking skills tonight!!!! Armys & BTS had a unique, wonderful moments together, for sure!!! Congrats on your successful Day 1, bangtan 💜 jalja!!

“If we’re together, even an endless maze is paradise” awww saranghae!!!!

*Ang galing nilaaa at gandaaa pa ng set-up ng stage!! ookini arigatomaishteru!!!! Hehe I hope somedayyyy makapunta rin kami at makanuod kami ng concert/muster sa Japan 💜

Learned new words today (Japanese ~ Osaka dialect)

  • Murasakishimasu “I purple you” (jimin-san to v-san uwu~)
  • Ookini gokurosan “Thank you for your hardwork”

Hihi thanks for ARMYs translations 💯🌷

I am learning 💛

I’m getting more excited but okkkkk let’s just have fun while waiting (countdown ~ D-59 hihi!!! Thank u Namjoon for breaking twitter with your very kawaii selca!!! 💜)

Whenever I miss bts… I watched random videos of them, usually compilation of BTS being extra, fancams, old & new videos created by passionate ARMYs, hihi like today, I’ve watched yoongi being a mood for 10 minutes link: https://youtu.be/yUMJhsvFtRI 💯💖😍🌷

Lastly, I’m thankful for being productive @ work today!! Finished my HIV/AIDS awareness ppt slides plus I’ve contacted PSHC for flyers, free hiv testing and counselling and other stuff for our next month’s health program in our company ~

Big thanks for BTS music on Spotify #streamingwhileworking hehe #motivationparasaekonomiyaparadiakoantukin hehe 🎶💜

Random story-telling again haha #simplejoys thank you Lord! 😊

Always be grateful 🌷