1024 ~ Happy Valentine’s Day๐Ÿ’•

A short love letter to my most precious daughter,


Hi! How are you?

You are so beautiful and charming today!

Look at You.

I see you smiling sheepishly right now.

You don’t need that mirror.

You don’t have to believe in me either.

Just believe in yourself.

You are beautiful.

You are complete.

You are loved.

I like you as “YOU being YOU”.

Because I made you.

Wonderful as the sun.

Pretty as the skies.

Majestic as the ocean.

You are enough.

You amaze me everyday.

Happy Hearts day, my dearest child. Continue to love good and bad people in your lives as I have loved them purely. Lift up your worries to me, I will strengthen you, always.

Your proud and loving admirer,

Jesus ๐Ÿ€