Bit by bit ~

There are moments in my life that I will be shocked that I did something out of my comfort zone or out of my personality that benefited my soul.
I try to appreciate these little things – that I made that simple move, said YES, said NO, helped someone, listened to someone, did not complain much, zoned out, posted this, shared this, send that message, asked for help, forgive first, trusted more, pushed more and so onthough I’m a bit doubtful and anxious.… I want to have few regrets this so what :’)
I firmly believed that God moves me to be where I am right now and to be what I am right now.
I tapped my shoulder and say, “Good job, my dearest self.”
– B r e a t h e –

Thank you for reminding me that I have God’s confidence within me even in those simple moments.
Let me continue to rewire my beliefs to get to know you more.
Let me continue to devote and reflect more to be closer to you.
For you who is reading this at this moment, I pray that you will make time to appreciate yourself – good or bad, it’s still a learning and a memory of YOU. And may you let God move you so He could unfold His wonderful plans in your life.
Hehe, Excuse my 1 week hiatus here in my blogosphere ~ may we all wake up every day with more meaning and kindness in our hearts.
Keep learning, keep being grateful ๐Ÿ™‚