How’s your March? ๐ŸŒธ

Hello dear friends!

March 31 is about to end in 40 minutes (at the time I’m writing this post),

How are you?

The first quarter of the year is blah — ended. I felt like I’m just stuck in 2018 !!? >//<

Why time is running so fast, huh?

I don’t have any major achievements attained this 1st quarter (gently pats myself on the back) but I do have a lot of little victories that I’m so grateful for!!!!! โค

Here’s my “mini” March Life Update ^o^ //ย  “simplejoys in random days”

A beautiful picture shared by Kim Namjoon on Twitter that made my day.

2019-04-01 00_37_13-To-The-End-by-Blessed-is-She-Digital-Download-1.pdf

Start of Lenten Season and I’m using this for my 40-day devotion and journey with God โคย  May my faith go deeper and stronger ๐Ÿ™‚

I cooked a pancake……… me trying to be an “adult” who knows how to cook.

but in reality….. HAHAHAHAHHA.. what I have done? how’s adulting so far? T.T I almost burned this… SAD pancake =( **lesson learned: use low heat!**

March is extra special because it’s SUGA DAY!!!!!!!!!!! So happy that Grace and I were here >:D< happy fangirling moments! TYSM for the organizers! โค

How cute, isn’t it!??? Meowngi day 03/09/19 ^o^

“Me time” = treating myself a chocolate cake from Mary Grace while watching Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16 HUHU โค

“Happiness is the desire to learn rather than to teach” – Donald Walters

“Success is enthusiasm! Without it nothing worthwhile was ever achieved.” – Donald Walters

Sometimes we need to look what’s on our table ^^ #motivation

Hehe I really decided to treat myself a cake because it’s my sister’s birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ My birthday last year was also here in Mary Grace but in NAIA3 branch after we arrived from Singapore, Thank you so much ate for treating us.

Disclaimer: I ate a lot of cakes this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are my simple gifts to ate on her birthday except the sticky memo. I went to DAISO 2-3x times just to get these limited Hello Kitty beep cards. I even called and texted the staff multiple times just for an update when they will restock >< ugh all for love.

After getting those beep cards (finally). I deserve this!!!!!!!!!! *excuse me for using a plastic straw* I promise that I will buy my own straws SOON #GoZeroWaste

On my VA journey: Finished some webinars + Got approved on Upwork (thanks to Ms.Anna!) + Got book recommendations from Sir Jason that I must invest in + Finally, edited my OLJ and Upwork Profile + Applied to an online job but got rejected (it’s okay) + And today, I did apply on 3 job postings on Upwork!!!! Faith OVER fear.

Yes.. I got Romance is a bonus boooook hangover T.T (i love this kdrama!!)

UHM okaaay my taekook heart โค HK day 1 con was a real legit wild con!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE I LIVE TO LOVE!!!!!!

ARMYs are really blessed to have BANGTAN!!!! Thanks Dispatch for all the lovely photos as in huhuhuhuuh okk this is my fave! โค uwu ^^

I have to make a journal spread on this because: #1 I’m really thankful that someone captured me while teaching our Awesome Kids using the PowerPoint slides I’ve prepared hihi. Every 3rd and 4th Sunday together with teacher Karla(Hi FIG!), we are teaching different Bible stories and lesson to kids, our reference was from Sermon4Kids website. #2 I cut and paste my “blessing” from the Thankful and Blessed page of our Feast Bulletin –ย  I wrote Thank you Lord for the Simple, happy and peaceful birthday celebration of my brother (March14) #littlethings #FeastMarikinaBulletinPage

I made a little birthday surprise event for my sister with this (photo above) plus the HK beep cards and our cute pictures posted in our room!!! โค Too sad she’s really tired/sleepy/busy when she arrived in Manila… but I knew she appreciated my efforts. We finalized our BOOKING in HK this MAY with our mom and dad!!!! ^o^ I LOVE YOU ATE!!!! โค


I’m so excited for BTS 5th MUSTER because huuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh I really love that they use the MAGIC SHOP concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote my FEEELS in my journal about this because I really need to vent it out *it helps!!!*. THANK YOU BTS in advance! I will be supporting you all here in PH, please do a vlive access for us ARMYs pls…….. or a FILM perhaps? jk! I will not worry anymore because I know there are a lot of kind ARMYs who will share us you know hehehe. *I’m gonna wait patiently*

Yey! Sophia is in the house yowwww! She’s back and we will make more ART during her summer break here! Yey! You all know how I love to teach kids.ehem plus art <3!!!! Did you know after our Art session I asked my niece what she wants when she grow up..she said “I want to be a teacher” what subject? “ART” >:D< *insert slow-mo clapping and hugging to my baby gurl*

Sophia’s into OPM music pa pala, she really knows how to sing “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na” as in wowwww โค so my playlist would be mostly OPM for now too hehe. while waiting for BTS COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hehe Lastly, may I include this: (Love this Vlog every bit โค )



Please watch if you’re a Japan/Travel/Aesthetics/Music/Museum/Card Captor Sakura/Mommy-Daughter bonding enthusiast like me!!!!!



How’s your March, friends?



Always be grateful ๐ŸŒท